Zoe is a ministry training school, that is established so that you can grow in your identity in Christ and know who He is in you so that you can live this out the rest of your life. The transformative power of the gospel is living this life in Him and through Him and at Zoe, we do this by training you to be doers of the Word.


Zoe Ministries work as an ancillary group that helps churches train believers into this identity in Christ.




Have you ever thought, What the purpose of your born again life is? I have received many different answers to this question. But the bible says that the destiny of a child of God on earth is to live as a manifested son of God or in other words to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.


Just because you are born again does not mean that you will start to live this Life. That is why Jesus asked us to be trained in this Way of Life ( MSG bible).




While there has been a lot of effort put in to reaching the lost, we must not forget that the reason for reaching out is to disciple them. The bible says thus : Go then and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, (Mat 28:19).


Zoe (in association with several international ministries like The International Apostolic Council, John G Lake Ministries and others,) has developed discipleship courses that focus on training and equipping believers and leaders to grow in to the fullness of Christ(Eph 4:11).




It’s for every believer. We look forward to people who are hungry and ready for the things of God because discipleship is a life changing decision. This is because we expect people who are discipled to radically impact their churches and community and help disciple others in turn.


What we are not!

We are not a church. The school is not affiliated to any church though members, faculty and speakers are committed to their respective churches. We respect and honour our leaders the Lord has placed over us.


Where? & When?

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Moving In The Presence

Spirit, Soul and Body



    The Church Today


    If one were to suggest that the time would come when a group of evangelical Christians would be arguing for a salvation without repentance, without a change of behavior or lifestyle, without a real avowal of the lordship and authority of Christ, without perseverance, without discipleship, and a salvation which does not necessarily result in obedience and works, and with a regeneration which does not necessarily change one’s life, most believers of several decades ago would have felt such would be an absolute impossibility. But believe it or not, the hour has come. (A Layman’s Guide to the Lordship Controversy, p. 71, Richard P. Belcher).




    It may surprise you to know that Jesus never called anyone to be a Christian, rather his call was to be his disciple. In the book of Acts, people were not invited to be Christians, rather their call was to become Christ’s disciples.


    Take your concordance and look up the word “Christian(s)” and then look up the word disciple(s).” You are in for a shock! Look in the book of Acts and compare the word “Christian” to the word “disciple,” you’ll get the point!

    In the Scripture the word disciple and disciples are used a total of 273 times. In all the Bible the word Christian and Christians is used a total of 3 times (Acts 11:26; 26:28; 1 Peter 4:16).